Friday, February 26, 2010

Cooperation Does Not Equal Safety

Violent criminals are violent regardless of what you do. Orlando Convenience Store Clerk Found Shot - WFTV Orlando

So they rob a store. The clerk cooperates, and gets shot.
Four men were robbing the Citgo store near I-4 and Kaley Avenue (see map) around 11:00pm and began to leave with what they came for. Then, unprovoked, one of the men shot the clerk in the head.

The video shows the clerk as a dark figure on the floor while one of the robbers steps over him then turns and shoots the clerk on the head.
There are those who love to claim that if you just give a criminal what he wants, you will be safe. That is a dangerous lie. (And really, a woman confronted by a rapist should do what, exactly?)

Cooperation is a strategy. Resistance is a strategy. There are no guarantees. But I am sure that you won't stop violent criminals from being violent by singing Kumbaya.

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