Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feisty grandmother thwarts robbery

Armed only with a price scanner... Plucky grandmother, 75, thwarts robbery at U.S. convenience store

This must make the powers-that-be in the UK squirm. The Daily Mail reporting on how effective action can be when they have spent generations teaching the Brits to take no action.

So a guy comes into the store and tries to rob the place, going behind the counter to struggle with the manager.
The shocked grandmother, who had been talking to the manager, immediately picks up the price scanner on the counter and begins hitting the thief.

At one point the 75-year-old, who wears an overcoat and headscarf, appears to try and get round the counter to get closer to the robber.

The man then flees empty handed out of the front door being chased by the crime-fighting pensioner, who tries to take one last swipe at the raider.
Attitude counts for a lot.

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