Thursday, February 18, 2010

Houston Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

It is a fairly straight-forward (and in Texas, common) story. Home intruder meets armed home owner. Homeowner Fatally Shoots Burglar |
"(Jackson Jr.) was obviously in the house uninvited," said Detective M.F. Waters, of the Houston Police Department. Per policy, the case will now be turned over to a grand jury, but investigators said it looked like a clear cut case of a homeowner protecting his property.
The thing that I find interesting in the article is the teary-eyed point of view. Apparently the homeowner wouldn't talk to the reporters, but the father of the dead-guy would.

At least he didn't make excuses.

The pastor of the dead-guy's-father's-church both makes an excuse and says he doesn't make excuses.

"A lot of times people make excuses because they don't want to accept reality," said Pastor T. Leon Preston II, as he comforted Jackson. "We teach in our church you have to be responsible for your own actions."
Which sounds good, until we get to...

"(Jackson Jr.’s) true inward heart's desire was to do the right thing," said Pastor Preston, who welcomed the younger Jackson into his church three weeks ago. "Sometimes there are things out her that snatch you, and hold you, and you can't break free from them."
Which sounds an awful lot to my ear like, "the devil made him do it." Now it is possible that the dead guy was struggling with addiction, but even then, if we stop treating people as being responsible for their own actions, we are lost.

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