Monday, February 15, 2010

If You're Going to Screw Up, It Might As Well Be Big

If you're gonna drive drunk, don't crash into a no-name deli. Cop crashes into Tiffany's, busted for DWI - "He was a little early for breakfast."

I wonder if a cop can have a DWI and still be a cop in New York. Truck drivers can't.
The wreck happened as NYPD officer Raphael Ospina, 27, a cop since 2004, was heading east on 57th Street. He collided with a private garbage truck that was heading in the opposite direction and making a left turn onto Fifth Avenue south.

Ospina's Chrysler 300 sedan, with two passengers inside, jumped a curb and hit the famous fa├žade of the legendary jewelry store.
So if the guy driving the garbage truck (he was uninjured) had been drunk, he would be out of work. I wonder if one of New York's finest will be looking for a job, or if it is just "one of those things." [Via Bad Cop, No Donut! - This makes the cops behaving badly thing too easy!]

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