Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Right to Peacefully Assemble

Four friends talking on the sidewalk in front of a store. The police didn't like that, and they were told to "move on." Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why' �|
Four women, two of them well into middle age, were discussing funeral plans for a friend when an Atlanta police officer told them to move.
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Three did but one asked “why.” In answer to her question, Minnie Carey, then 61, was handcuffed, put into a paddy wagon and taken to jail, where she was held for nine hours.
The answer to that question? "Because I said so."

Four law abiding people, not causing trouble, not blocking the sidewalk, given an order to disperse, with no real justification. Just a bully with a badge.

Charges were dropped, eventually. And the cop in question is on leave for an unrelated incident. I don't expect him to face any real hardship over this.

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