Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Truth Is You Are Going to Wait

In some cases, you may wait quite a long time after calling 911. Red Bluff Police: Cuts slow police response times

In the best case scenario, the police are not going to be sitting in your driveway, when you call 911. You are going to wait some time. (Maybe for the rest of your life.) But things are worse than they were due to reductions in headcounts.
We have less officers on the streets, [Red Bluff Police Chief Paul Nanfito] said. We are operating in a call-to-call mode. Response time for emergency calls is increasing.

Between Dec. 21, 2009 and Jan. 15, 69 calls were delayed from 11 minutes to 3 hours and 30 minutes, with the average delayed response at 51 minutes.
Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but there are people who hate the idea of self-defense (and really hate armed self-defense) who would have you believe calling 911 is the answer to all your problems. A lot of bad things can happen in 11 minutes, to say nothing of 56 minutes or 3 hours spent waiting.

Calling 911 is fine thing to do, but you should have some kind of plan for what you are going to do while you wait.

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