Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shot For Complying with Instructions

A lot of people who don't like self-defense, say that complying with robbers, giving them what they want will make you safe. Teens Accused Of Shooting Clerk Over Gum, Less Than $100 - Central Florida News 13 Apparently this pair didn't get that memo.
As they headed to the counter, the male suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money.

One clerk began filling up a bag with the cash. As another clerk came into the picture with his hands in the air, police said he was shot in the face, then again while he was lying on the ground, complying with orders from the shooter.
How come he wasn't safe?

Violent criminals don't stop being violent criminals because of anything you can do.

Now that they are caught, the two miscreants are very sorry.
“If I could have made another decision, I wouldn’t have [done it],” said Justin Jones, 16, after he and his alleged accomplice, Ronaisha Leftridge, 18, were arrested for the heist.
What a freakin stupid statement. Of course he could have made another choice. He could have studied in high school, or gotten a job, or done something besides pick up a gun and commit a felony.

But apparently no one is responsible for their own actions anymore.

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