Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shot While Getting the Money Out of the Register

There are those who say, if you just give robbers what they want, then you will be safe. I guess this guy didn't get that memo. Clerk in stable condition | | The Clarion-Ledger
"[The clerk] told us that the subject displayed a weapon as soon as he entered the store and demanded cash from the register," said police spokesman Det. Roderick Holmes. "As she was getting the money, that's when he opened fire, hitting her multiple times."

The clerk, who Holmes said was in her 40s, was shot in the arm and leg.
I suppose she wasn't getting his money fast enough. Her injuries are non-life-threatening.

Those people who say, "Just give them what they want," are always talking about robbers not rapists. So what should a woman do if confronted by a rapist?

The simple fact is that violent criminals don't stop being violent because you decide to be a nice sheep.

Of course having a gun, or some other plans for your personal safety, will not guarantee your safety. There are no guarantees in this life save for death and taxes. Just as acting like a sheep will not guarantee your safety. Strategies are imperfect, but acting like a sheep when confronted by a wolf just seems silly to me. (It doesn't usually work out to well for the sheep, after all.)

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