Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So How Should One 58-year-old Woman React to Two Intruders?

Exactly what should she do, if she can't defend herself with lethal force? Suspect Wanted In Home Invasion Turns Himself In - Albuquerque News Story - KOAT Albuquerque

So two young men, broke into her home. She shot one of them in the face.
The homeowner, who [Deputy Lawrence] Koren said shot Castillo in the face, will likely not face any charges, Koren said.

"I can tell you this that during the course of this investigation that the victim this 58-year-old woman was in fear of her life," Koren said.
The guy who was shot, Frank Castillo, died from his injuries.

The other guy, apparently Manuel Leo, was seen scampering from the scene. He turned himself into police, and is under arrest on charges related to other burglaries in the area. He may face charges in the home invasion.

A separate account lists the two guys as being 19 (Castillo) and 20 (Leo) years old respectively.

So I wish a gun banner would tell me what a woman with two strange men in her home should do? Crying and screaming hysterically are not options.


Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

Wait until Leo finds out that he could be charged with felony murder.

Zendo Deb said...

They didn't say in the article if that's the case in New Mexico.