Saturday, February 13, 2010

They Should Outlaw Guns on College Campuses in Alabama

What's that you say? They are illegal? Then how did this happen? Professor charged with murder in Alabama university shooting -

A person bent on breaking the law against murder and assault is NOT going to be deterred by a law outlawing guns on campus.

Why don't don't we just put up "No Crime Allowed" signs? (Actually, as stupid as it sounds, there are such signs at almost every shopping mall in America.)

This tragedy was not impacted by the no guns on campus rule in Alabama, except to ensure that none of the victims had the means to defend themselves.

Having a gun, is of course, no guarantee. Having a plan for your personal safety cannot guarantee your personal safety, just as disarming the law abiding doesn't guarantee safety.
Huntsville Police Chief Henry Reyes said Amy Bishop Anderson, 45, was attending a faculty meeting on the third floor of the sciences building Friday afternoon when she shot six colleagues, killing three.
And even if being armed was authorized (they last tried in 2008 I believe) would a group of college professors have taken advantage of their rights?

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They might now.