Saturday, February 13, 2010

They Want to Keep Those Nasty Guns Away from Kids

And if a defenseless victim zone is created along the way, well who cares. Judge's ruling ends Seattle parks gun ban | Seattle Times Newspaper
Chan said her job required her to supervise offenders released from jail.

"Because this job has the potential to be very dangerous, she is required to be armed and has received substantial training in all aspects of firearm use," said the lawsuit. "Ms. Chan sometimes carries a personal firearm when she is off duty in part because of the likelihood that she will encounter people she has apprehended in her line of work who may wish her harm."

Another individual who was part of the suit was Raymond Carter, 44, of Seattle, who was described as a past co-chair of the Seattle Pride Parade and was the founding president of the Seattle Chapter of Pink Pistols/Cease Fear.

The suit said about Carter: "He routinely carries a firearm when he is lawfully permitted to do so because he strongly believes that as an openly gay man, he is more susceptible to becoming a victim of a hate-related crime but, because of health issues, he does not feel that he is physically capable of running away."
They aren't keeping the bad guys with guns away from anyone. Only the law abiding. (Do you think criminals obey "no crime allowed" signs?)

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