Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What Happens When You Kill a Market?

The market can't adjust when there is no market. The government controls pay, but it still can't control people. Shortage of hospital pharmacists 'putting patients at risk' - Telegraph
The profession has problems with recruitment due to low pay and recommendations to increase salaries have been ignored the [the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain] said.
The bureaucrats want to hold down costs. So they hold down salaries. But then you convince people who might choose that career to do something else. (See the problem the UK has recruiting dentists.)

Some people go into medicine because they wanted to be doctors when they were 5-years-old. But a lot of people in health care generally saw it was a way to make a good living (and do something important.) If you take away the "good living" aspect, you are going to have problems. Like they do in the UK.

I can't wait until we have Soviet-style command economies in place of the free market!

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