Monday, February 22, 2010

What if Calling 911 Did No Good?

Detroit has had some hard times, but the residents deserve better than this. Street fightin' man
Many residents say they don't bother calling 911 anymore because police response is slow for all but the most serious crimes. It's as if they're on their own out here. "We feel like old pioneers sometimes," Johnson says.
If you call 911 about a break in, it is likely the police won't show up today. (They estimated a 75% chance of better no one would come today. The bad guys know this.)

A woman had a bullet go through her home (within inches of where she was sleeping), yet it took a lot to get the cops to even file a report. The weren't interested?

In many ways, this article is a story about hope. It is the story of neighbors working together to stand up to the drug dealers and the criminals to try and save their neighborhood. It would be nice if they got some help from the city.

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tjbbpgobIII said...

I really feel for the people who have to live in places like Detroit or Chicago or any where the cops don't respond in a timely manner. They can't respond in my area of Alabama either, as we live so far out in the sticks(our choice). So we just leave 'em where they lay unless they're blocking the view or interfering with the tv or something. May as well let the dogs eat, they like red meat. Like your blog too.