Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another Christian Against Freedom of Religion

He doesn't like this religion. So he thinks he gets to suppress it. Religion News: Teacher suspended for denying Wiccan altar
A Guthrie Center teacher this week received a five-day unpaid suspension for insubordination for not allowing a student to build a Wiccan altar in his shop class - discipline he said he still doesn't agree with.
He thinks it is his Christian duty (go read what he said, don't take my word for it - "How can we let this go on?") to stamp out religions he doesn't like. He doesn't like Wicca. It is "offensive" to his Christian sensibilities.

You don't have to like Wicca. But you have to ask yourself if you like freedom of religion. Because if you only like freedom of religion of some, I can pretty much guarantee that there are those who don't like your religion.

"Mythology is other peoples' religion," and "Religion is a popular misconception regarding mythology" are two of my favorite quotes; both are by Joseph Campbell.

I'm not Wiccan. I don't even play one on TV. But you can gauge the extent of religious tolerance by how Wiccans are treated in this country. Mostly, they aren't treated very well. (Though I have to say I think things are a little better.)

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