Friday, March 05, 2010

At Least He Has Courage

Geert Wilders at least has the courage of his convictions. Victorious Dutch anti-Islam politician back in UK - Yahoo! News His film "Fitna" (a short film on Islam - which the AP didn't dare even mention) caused a stir. His position is that Islam is incompatible with the democratic institutions of the Netherlands.

I don't know enough about Wilders to know if I like him or think he's just plain crazy.

His visit to London has of course sparked protests, both for and against.
But in local elections in the Netherlands this week, his Freedom Party won in the town of Almere and came in second in The Hague, the only two races it ran out of 394 cities and towns that elected local councils. If the outcome is any indication of the country's parliamentary vote in June, Wilders could emerge as a king-maker on the national stage.
Should be interesting to watch.

You can see Fitna at this link.

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