Sunday, March 07, 2010

Concealed Carry Stops Armed Rampage

Just the way it is supposed to work. Armed Customer Kills Knife-Wielding Man | MyFox Memphis | Fox 13 News
Police say they started getting calls around 3:00pm about a man, threatening people in the parking lot.

Lt. Col. JM Willis with the Memphis Police Department stated, "the individual was trying to attack numerous people we have a number of witnesses that have said he was wielding a knife at them."

But police say the scene turned deadly when the man with the knife went after a man who was armed with a gun.

Witness Lakisha Gorman said, "He was running up to different people trying to stab them and he ran up to that dude's car as he was pulling out of the driveway and he had a baby in the car with him and he just started trying to stab the dude and the dude pulled a gun out and shot him."
He died at the scene.

I would say being attacked with a knife is a pretty clear case of a "reasonable threat."
Detectives say at this point it looks like the shooting will be ruled justified and the shooter will probably not face any charges.
No charges will be filed because self-defense is not just a human-right, in Tennessee it is also your legal right.

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