Monday, March 08, 2010

Get Ready to Celebrate St Patrick's Day in Irish Style

Learn to pour a Black & Tan, better known in some locations as a half and half. (Black and Tan having unfortunate connotations.) How to pour yourself a 'Black and Tan' - South Florida

Instructions seem good. When done right, a B&T is a thing of beauty. Stick with Bass for the "tan" part of the concoction, though I suppose you could use Harp.
Don't worry if you mess up the first time. Practice is half the fun.
That's the spirit!


Anonymous said...

A black and tan and a half and half are not the same thing. One is Guiness and Bass, one is Guiness and Harp (I'm not a beer drinker, so I forget which).

Confusing the two is like saying it doesn't matter whether you put vodka or gin in a martini.

Zendo Deb said...

That distinction is relatively new. Harp has only been around since the 1960s while Black and Tan (the drink) goes back to the 1920s.

Black and Tans were also a group sent to Ireland to put down the early-20th-century IRA. The Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force. Mostly WWI veterans at first. And while they were supposed to target the IRA they were known to get a bit outside that target zone, into the population at large.

Timmeehh said...

(Black and Tan having unfortunate connotations.)

I would say that the connotations of the phrase "half and half" were much worse.