Monday, March 01, 2010

It Is About Time Someone Got Serious

AFP: NATO sinks Somali pirate monthership

If you follow the current stories on piracy, one thing is that the pirates are always in small boats. But small boats don't go 200 miles offshore. They are carried on larger ships.
The Absalon, flagship of NATO's counter-piracy efforts off the Horn of Africa, "disrupted a piracy attack in the Somali basin on Sunday and then scuttled a mothership," the spokesman said.

The 'mother-ships' are used to move attack teams into an area from which they can launch raids on passing ships.
A few years ago there were only 2 (possibly 3) of these motherships that had been identified by the International Maritime Bureau. Kill these ships, and you keep the pirates onshore (or at least near shore).

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