Sunday, March 28, 2010

Neighbors Were “Shocked”

Because crime never comes to small, quiet communities. Intruder fatally shot by homeowner |

A stranger was in his home at 1 AM, and they got into a "verbal confrontation." The intruder ended up shot. Of course this being New York, the authorities don't want to believe that self-defense is justified.

Neighbors are shocked to discover that they don't live in Pleasantville.
Residents describe this as a safe and quiet place to live.

Resident, Margaret Niblock explained, "It's a friendly neighborhood and I was kind of shocked to see that there was an incident this morning."
If you are reading this, then you live in The Real World.™ And in the real world, there is crime. Crime isn't something that happens in "other kinds of places" or to "other kinds of people."

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