Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometimes, Justice is Served

Even if it took 2 tries. Paul Warner Powell (PICTURES): Rapist-Killer Executed by Electrocution - Crimesider - CBS News
Powell was convicted in 2000 and sentenced to death for fatally stabbing 16-year-old Stacie Reed of Manassas. He also raped and attempted to kill her 14-year-old sister.
The VA Supreme Court overturned the verdict and sent it back for a retrial. This bozo apparently thought that double-jeopardy applied, and he couldn't face trial again.
Powell wrote a taunting letter to prosecutors detailing the crime. He was convicted again in 2003.
He was executed by electrocution Thursday.

I am generally not in favor of the death penalty. I just don't like the idea of the state having that much authority, for one thing. In some places - like Texas - it is used far too often, and clearly innocent people have been executed. In places like Chicago, the police would extract confessions by force, and put people on death row. But in this case, where a confession was made - obviously not a coerced confession - it seems more justified.

This whole case was because Paul Warner Powell was angry that Stacie Reed had a black boyfriend.

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