Monday, March 15, 2010

UK Arguing About Rape

The government is still trying to spin its way clear of the numbers. Rape conviction rate figures 'misleading' - Telegraph About 6 percent of reported rapes result in convictions. Only about 10 percent of reported rapes are ever brought to trial. So the British government is luxuriating in the fact that about 60 percent of those tried, result in conviction.

Of course most rapes in the UK aren't reported to police in the first place. Not surprising when the police aren't very helpful.

Then of course we have this little tidbit.
According to the latest British Crime Survey, one in every 24 women aged over 16 will suffer an attempted rape or rape in their lifetime.
Which aside from being horrible in its own right highlights the fact the British crime survey ignores any crime where the victim is under 16.
But Lisa Longstaff, a spokeswoman for Women Against Rape, said the report was a whitewash.

"The reason that six per cent figure is there is because we have fought for it. We want to know how few reported rapes get to conviction," she said.

She said it reflected the failure of the justice system.

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