Friday, March 05, 2010

We Won't Give You the Bad News Until After You Vote for Us

I am not against cost cutting in times of financial crisis, but this seems like cheating. Hundreds of NHS wards to be shut in secret plans - Telegraph
Plans that could lead to the closure of hundreds of hospital wards are being drawn up but will not be made public until after the general election, opposition parties have said.
And yes those are wards, not semi-private rooms. The NHS has deemed those too expensive. Never mind that women are routinely attacked on mixed-sex wards.

Beggars can't be choosers, and when you put the bureaucrats in charge you become beggars.
Last year, the Government asked NHS authorities to come up with proposals to reorganise the service to save money as a result of the recession. Details have started to emerge of what is likely to be a rolling programme of cuts that contrasts sharply with assurances from Labour and the Tories that the NHS was “safe”.

So far, only the plans for London have come to light. Campaigners claimed the proposals threatened services such as casualty and maternity units at 13 out of 36 hospitals in the capital.
No discussion. No debate. No appeal for better financing. The bureaucrats will make the decisions.

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