Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What Good Are the Guards?

Cops: Two men attacked student in hate crime
Nashon Minter, 19, and Justin Higgins, 21, both of 115 Meadowmere Ave., Mastic, rushed past guards stationed at the entrance to the Mastic Beach Road high
They then perpetrated a hate crime.

So what good are the guards, exactly?

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tonya said...

The guards are no good howeva I want to state for the record that was not a hate crime. It was just a verbal dispute between 3 boys an ended in a alatcation. Nashon is my lil brother he was just protectin the female the victim was harrassing. She couldn't defend her self so he and the girls brother defended her. I'm not sayin what they did was a correct action however the police an school is making it out to be something totally different from what it really is