Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fabricating Evidence - Cops Cover for Cops

Have to start reading the London Times more frequently. 'Blue code' of silence breaks after cover-up of New Orleans shootings - Times Online

Little things like shooting innocent people, framing the victims, etc.
On September 4, 2005, officers from the New Orleans Police Department fired at a group of unarmed survivors of the storm and flooding that had ravaged the city. One of the dead was Ronald Madison, 40, a mentally disabled man. To cover their tracks the officers and their colleagues fabricated reports, planted evidence and framed their victims. Lance Madison, 49, Ronald’s brother, who was among those injured, was jailed for several weeks on bogus charges of attempted murder after officers claimed that he had fired first, despite his never having a weapon.
The attitude with which all this was done is also interesting.
“They treated it like a joke ... it’s absolutely stunning to hear about the casual way in which these officers went about destroying people’s lives,” said Mary Howell, a civil rights lawyer who represents the Madison family.
There are cops and "little people." If you aren't a cop, the don't give a damn what happens to you.

This was no spur of the moment thing. This was a concerted effort by cops who were not involved in the shooting, to see that officers didn't pay the price for their stupidity.
When other police arrived to investigate the shooting, including Lehrmann and Lohman, they realised that their colleagues had been involved in a “bad shoot” of unarmed people. The cover-up that followed included falsifying statements from the Bartholomews saying that Mr Holmes had shot at police first.

According to Lehrmann, one sergeant drafted testimony from a fictitious witness, Lakeisha Smith, that the Madisons had been looting and robbing and that Ronald had been about to shoot police when he was felled.

Meetings were held for officers to confer on getting their stories straight, spent bullet casings were kicked off the bridge to destroy evidence and officers “discussed how they could use Hurricane Katrina as an excuse for failures in the investigation of the Danziger Bridge shootings and thereby use the storm to help make the entire situation ‘go away’, ” court documents reveal.
So much for "protect and serve."

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