Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally Someone Does Something

But if I know the EU, it won't be enough. After Spectacular Dutch Rescue: Somali Pirates Could Face Trial in Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Dutch marines stormed the ship which had been taken over by pirates, only because there was no risk to the crew; they were barricaded in a secure room.
The evidence against the pirates appears relatively strong. Shortly after the MS Taipan was stormed, a team from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office traveled to the United Arab Emirates in order to secure evidence and to interview the crew. Unlike in previous cases, the pirates, who surrendered without a fight, were seized only after they had already boarded the ship.
The most they will face if sentenced under German law is 5 years in prison.

Piracy used to be a hanging crime, but I guess that was true of a lot of things.

I am not sure that 5 years as the guest of the German government will be enough to convince people from one of the poorest countries on earth to change their ways.

But at least the Europeans have stopped practicing "catch and release."

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