Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's All the Evil Gays' Fault!

I haven't said anything about the Irish and German problems of the Catholic Church, mostly because you can't even cite a headline without being called anti-Catholic. But this is so insane, you can't let it pass. A cardinal’s ill-informed connection - The Globe and Mail

You see the head of the Vatican's State Dept. (No. 2 in the Catholic Church according to some reports I've read) believes that the sex abuse scandal in Ireland (and I suppose Germany too, since that is also in the news) were not made worse by any (supposed) secrecy or orders to investigate under the Secretum Sancti Officii (official secrets). No, what made the whole problem worse - or caused it in the first place - was the damn gays.

Of course, part of the German abuse scandal isn't about sexual abuse, but plain old beatings and the like. I wonder if the Gays are responsible for that as well.

But then I like what was said in this article, Vatican massively confused about nature of sex, says therapist Mike Lew |
"If a man abuses a little boy it is no more a homosexual relationship than a man abusing a little girl is a heterosexual relationship," Dr Lew told AAP.

"Healthy gay men have sex with other men, healthy heterosexual men have sex with women, neither have sex with children - that's child abuse.

"And anyone who can't see that is massively, or perhaps wilfully, confused about the nature of sexuality."

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