Monday, April 05, 2010

News Flash: People Who Actually Accomplish Something Have High Self-esteem

The only thing surprising is that anyone actually bothered to study this. Men aged 60 have highest self esteem - Telegraph
Those with better education, income, health and employment status were also likely to report higher levels of self esteem, especially as they age, the study found.

And those in happy marriages also had higher levels of self esteem.
Women don't do so good until they get to later in life. (Are you still trying to look like the images in magazines?)

The bit I love is where they seem shocked to discover that self-esteem is related to "greater success in life."

Oh, and as old age intrudes on your health, and you leave the work force, your self-esteem is likely to fall. Considering that men get a whole bunch of their self-image from their work, when you take away the work...

This article doesn't say who paid for this study - done in the US - but if I had to guess, I would say that you could file this under "your tax dollars at work."


Anonymous said...

The frightening thing is that this probably is news to a large crowd of people -- the ones who figure that self-esteem is given by perky teachers passing out high grades to everyone or a sufficiently-eclectic mix of high-profile role models. Of course, they'll probably ignore the study.

BobG said...

I agree with bluntobject; too many people these days think that self-esteem and confidence can be handed out like pills. They are something that has to be earned and developed from within a person. Unless a person can overcome obstacles, they can never really build character and self-respect.
Just my opinion.