Monday, April 05, 2010

So, How's All That Gun Control Working for You?

Not too good... More than 40 shot, four killed on South Side

There were three (relatively) amazing things. One is that in one of the neighborhoods most impacted by gang violence, residents expect this kind of thing. The second is that a shooting took place about 4 blocks from where Chicago police Supt. Jody Weis was holding a news conference. The third?
The most brazen violence occurred as police, some of them heavily armed, responded to an earlier shooting nearby.

"If someone is going to fire weapons in the vicinity of three dozen officers armed, in uniform, the question I have to ask is, 'What will they do when we're not here?'" Weis said.
But Mayor Dumbbell Daley would have a fit if the law-abiding citizens of Chicago were able to do anything but cower like sheep. I wonder if he would be willing to give up his armed escort. They could be used to "put more cops on the streets." Probably not.

You have to get to near the bottom of the story before the word "gang" makes in into print. I suppose that in Chicago it could be implied.

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