Saturday, April 17, 2010

So How's All That Gun Control Working Out for You?

Not so good. Bloody 12 hours in Chicago - Or as the headline reads...

7 dead, 18 wounded in 12-hour rash of shootings: Police say most of the violence was gang related

Not very good for Chicago.
One man heard something in the alley, went to investigate, and was shot in the face and chest. Another man was pushing his son in a stroller when someone jumped out of a parked vehicle and began shooting. Two men with shirts pulled up over their faces gunned down a woman after she stepped out of a fish-and-chicken place.
The CPD Superintendent, Jody Weiss, said this was "unacceptable." No? Really?

So in the middle of all this violence, do you think the law-abiding should have any means of self-defense? You don't if you are Illinois Democrats.

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