Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Do Politicians Issue Phony Apologies?

UK campaign gaffe: Brown calls voter a bigot - Yahoo! News He gets caught with a live microphone calling a woman a bigot, because like a lot of Britons, she is worried about all of the uncontrolled immigration.

When he realizes what happened, he rushes back and says, "I didn't mean it." Of course he meant it. He said it in a moment when he was unguarded, when he thought he could express his private convictions without letting the press know.

Just once I would like to see a politician man up to his actions. He called her a bigot because he thinks anyone worried about immigration must be a bigot. (Or in general, if you don't agree with the programs and policies of the Left, you are an idiot, a bigot, or just plain evil.

It is like Obama and the "bitter/clinger" gaff. He meant that too.

Brown won't get re-elected. People are tired of Labour. But the Conservatives won't get elected either, because like the Republicans, they aren't really sure what they stand for. So the far Left will take over in the UK. I mean, it has worked out so well for the Greeks, and Portuguese, and the Irish. So well that some Germans are actually working to get out of the Euro zone. Not that the will of the people will bother the governments of Europe. They think the peons are all ignorant bigots.

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