Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At Least the Neighbors Aren't Shocked

Home invaders meet armed homeowner, with predictable results. Teen killed in attempted robbery, police still searching for a suspect
Police say two 17-year-olds and another young man tried to break into the home.

The homeowner confronted one of the suspects and shot him multiple times in the head.
In terms of the community...
Neighbors hope the shooting will make would-be burglars think twice.

"I think it does send a message to them, that you can't just enter a person's house that he worked for and everything, and I'm not going to protect my family. I hope it sends a message to them," [one neighbor] said.
Colorado has a "Make My Day" (or Castle Doctrine) law, so the homeowner should be shielded, but that decision is up to the DA and/or a grand jury.

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