Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Even in New York, Self-defense Is Legal

Amherst Homeowner Will Not Be Charged In Death Of Albany Teacher

If a stranger (who was later deemed to be drunk) comes into your home, ignores repeated warnings that you are armed and then moves toward you, what would you do?
Parks was attending a party nearby when he wandered into the D'Amico home and was confronted by David D'Amico who told his wife to call 911 while he grabbed a shotgun. After repeatedly yelling at Parks to leave, D'Amico shot him.
The grand jury returned a "no bill," meaning no charges.
D-A Frank Sedita says "its terrible and tragic that he was killed but under the law, this was a justified shooting."
Even in gun-hating (or is that fearing?) New York, you can defend yourself from home invaders.

Self-defense is a human right.

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Rich said...

Amherst is way up in NY where for the most part the insanity is not quite as bad as the lower part of the state. People hunt and do ther legal things with guns there all the time.