Sunday, May 02, 2010

Health Care in the UK is Good, Unless You Live in the Wrong Place

If she lived 5 miles away from where she does, she might get treatment. NHS doctor denied life-extending cancer drugs in latest 'postcode lottery' case - Telegraph
Becky Smith, 30, was told that her local NHS Trust would not meet the £23,000 cost of the pioneering treatment, despite it being available for patients in other areas of the country.
The ironic twist:
She said: "I feel so let down. I've given my all to the NHS and I could give it another 20 years, doing the work I love. I just need this treatment to give me a fighting chance.

"If I lived in a different part of Britain I would get this treatment. It's a real postcode lottery and it is so unfair."
But then what do you expect when you put the bureaucrats in charge of health care?

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