Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Cops Don't Like Armed Citizens

After two anecdotes of armed homeowners defending themselves, the cop still doesn't like armed homeowners. Protect Yourself From Home Invasions
Dispatcher: "What just happened?"

Victim: "He kicked in our front door. My husband shot him."

Dispatcher: "What? What just ..."

Victim: "He kicked in our front door."
Read the other account if you care to.

Still, some of the advice is good. People could stand to have better doors, locks and better security generally.
[Overland Park, Kan., police Officer Mike] Betten's beat is crime prevention. Antonia showed him pictures of the Clay County home invasion scene.

"I can tell you right away what failed. You can see the dead-bolt assembly is still intact, and what failed was the door frame," Betten said.
There is a link to a PDF with some good info on doors, and making them secure.

And you aren't secure based on the neighborhood you live in. Crime happens everywhere.

Preventing a break in is much preferred to dealing with a home-invasion. People should have decent locks. Most can be opened without a key in under 30 seconds. Doors are too easily kicked in because of the way the frames are constructed and where the deadbolt goes into the frame. Windows and patio doors are easy to break, unless they are laminated glass.

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