Monday, May 31, 2010

Something Is Beginning to Be Done About Piracy

Missed this earlier in the week... AFP: First European trial of Somali pirate suspects opens
The suspects, facing jail terms of up to 12 years for the attack on the Samanyolu cargo ship, denied they had done anything wrong despite two of them admitting they had initially set off to sea with ambitions of piracy.
Not really sure that 12 years in a Dutch prison is that much worse than life in Somalia, but it is something.

And it isn't the only thing.
Last Tuesday, a Yemeni court sentenced six Somali pirates to death and jailed six others for 10 years each for hijacking a Yemeni oil tanker and killing two cabin crew in April last year.
Now that is likely to be a deterrent.


ASM826 said...

Meeting them as they try to board the ship with accurate small arms fire seems like a better idea.

Self defense is a human right.

Rich said...

Actually 12 years in a Dutch prison is probably better than living in Somalia!

Zendo Deb said...

That was my thought too, Rich, but at least they won't be up to no good for a while.