Thursday, June 03, 2010

Armed Citizen Stops Criminal Hiding from Police

Even in Chicago, law-abiding armed citizens can help the police. (Mayor Daley will be silent about this issue.) Police pursuit ends with suspect shot by Austin resident :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

The thug was running from police, when he decided to hide in a home.
The suspect fleeing on foot also dropped a quantity of suspected narcotics during the chase, police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

The suspect then “crashed though” a window of a residence near the area, apparently to try and hide, and he was shot by an occupant of the home, police said.
He would have been better off to surrender.

The thug is in a local hospital in serious condition, though his wounds are not considered life-threatening.

With the aid of a law-abiding citizen, police took a drug dealer off the street. (He threw away some heroin while being chased.)

Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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