Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bad Day in the Midwest

Tornados cause heavy damage along I-80 corridor - WGN It happens I know people who are firefighters in the impacted area, and they spent the evening making sure people weren't buried in the remains of their homes.

In the great scheme of things, I guess this isn't an important story since it hasn't gotten much coverage. Between Turkey and Hamas doing its best to divert attention from Iran and the proposed sanctions, and BP's oil well destroying the gulf, and the Obama administration trading jobs for people staying out of races, the news organizations have better things to focus on.

Still there has been some coverage. Midwest twisters kill 5; idle nuke plant -
Tornadoes also touched down in central Illinois and other parts of Ohio, causing extensive damage in small towns, including Streator, which one witness told the Chicago Tribune had been "devastated."
The link at the top (WGN Chicago) has quite a bit of video footage of the Streator area.

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