Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't Mess With Their Grandma!

They didn't like it when he slapped the old lady. Family members kill robber after he slaps grandmother
68 year old Josephine Clark says the gunman came up to her son, who was sitting on the porch talking to someone. Clark says that at first, the family complied with the gunman's demands, but then he slapped her in the face.

At that point, Clark says her son and grandsons grabbed the gun, and her son shot the robber.
Self-defense is a human right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.


Debbie said...

This is a great story. In a perfect world, the son, grandsons and Josephine would all have been carrying a weapon.

Right Truth

kahr40 said...

Disrespect to the elderly should carry a penalty, not necessarily a death penalty, but hey appropriate in this case.