Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Good News on the Piracy Front

Every little bit helps. Defense.gov News Article: U.S. Navy Ship Disrupts Suspected Pirate Attack
The San Jacinto responded to a distress call from the M/V Avenue Beauty, which was transiting 90 miles north of Somalia when the crew reported they were under attack by pirates. Upon hearing gun shots, the Avenue Beauty’s chief officer sounded a general alarm and directed the crew to execute counter-piracy measures, which caused the pirate skiff to call off the attack.

The San Jacinto responded to the attack and dispatched a helicopter to follow the fleeing skiff. Aboard the aircraft, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Casey Halliwell tracked the skiff on radar as it speeded south toward the Somali coast.
A joint Navy/Coast Guard boarding team caught up with the pirates, but they had thrown their weapons and ammo overboard. The boarding team confiscated an engine (1 of 2 I assume) that will make it harder to the would-be-pirates to resume operations.
On May 26, the San Jacinto rescued five Yemeni mariners from 13 Somali pirates, while conducting routine counternarcotics operations 68 miles southeast of Ras Fartak, Yemen. The pirates were turned over to Yemeni Naval Forces.
Piracy will continue as long as it is profitable.

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