Monday, June 07, 2010

Welcome to the Police State

Cops are harassing Brett Darrow again. Missouri Cops Harass Video Vigilante A Third Time | The Truth About Cars Darrow got national attention when a cop threatened to make stuff up and throw him in jail. (Video at this link.)

He got stopped at a DUI checkpoint. His car was searched without cause and he was detained for deciding he didn't care to answer any questions, even though there was absolutely no evidence that he was drinking. He tried to record the encounter on his cellphone, but it was illegally seized. (He did get it back, but he was only able to record the first portion of the incident.)

Oh, and the officer who wanted to intimidate civilians is part of a unit that generated 2864 seat-belt tickets - which captured $275K in state and federal grants. So important, since there is no violent crime in the state of Missouri.

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Zendo Deb said...

Brett Darrow was actually harassed at a DUI checkpoint previously, he had video of that time, when his car was also illegally searched. Video of that incident is also available at the following link.