Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You May Have Insurance Coverage, But Find a Doctor

Obama's health care reform, is about to screw doctors with a 21.3 percent pay cut for Medicare patients. Medicare cut might affect doctor access -
Local doctors say a big cut to Medicare payment rates could make it more difficult for seniors to find physicians.

For nearly 10 years, Congress has been approving temporary measures to postpone a cut in the rates paid to doctors for performing services for Medicare recipients. But a disagreement between the House and Senate over how long the most recent temporary fix should last means Congress blew past the deadline last week, and Medicare rates have been cut by 21.3 percent.
It doesn't mean Medicare won't "cover" the same stuff it did before, it just means that doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients.

So you have medical coverage, you just have no medical care. (See the situation in the UK vis a vie dentists for another example. People may become doctors because they love the idea, but people become dentists for other reasons. And the UK has pretty completely gutted those reasons.)

Of course eventually Congress will put the next 3 generations further in debt because the current generation of old folks don't want to give up their free scooters from the Scooter Store. (Don't loving parents and grandparents usually make sacrifices for the sake of their kids and grandkids? This generation seems to feel that anything they want is justified and screw you youngsters. They are the "greatest generation" or something. You know. WWII. planned obsolescence. Times Beach, MO. Suburban sprawl. And so they are "owed" whatever they want.)

And of course, some animals doctors are more equal than others.
Don Kurth, a physician and the mayor of Rancho Cucamonga, said the cut will hurt some doctors more than others. The biggest victims, he said, will be primary care doctors.
Now refresh my memory. Aren't primary care doctors exactly the profession that is supposed to give us the "enormous savings" promised in health care reform? So it makes perfect sense (to the Congress anyway) to pay them less and so discourage people from entering the profession.

Is there anything government can't screw up?

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