Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cops Don't Like To Be on Video

And they arrest people for daring to take photographs or record their actions. It needs to stop and someone is finally doing something. Congressman introduces resolution to protect citizens who videotape cops

They know it is legal (at least in most states) to video them. And they know that most of the arrests are illegal. But they don't seem to care.
  • In South Florida, a mother who was arrested last year for videotaping police arresting her son filed a lawsuit against the Boynton Beach Police Department this month.
  • In Oregon, a police chief vowed that these types of arrest would continue even after his city had to dish out a $19,000 settlement and the city attorney sent out a memo stating that these arrests were not legal.
  • In Massachusetts, a pair of activists were arrested this month for openly videotaping cops in public, even after they had received permission from another law enforcement officer to videotape.
  • In Maryland, where one prosecutor is threatening to send Graber, the motorcyclist, to prison for 16 years in prison, a prosecutor in another county has a completely different interpretation of the law and has refused to prosecute a citizen who arrested on these same charges after she videotaped cops in public.
I don't know why this is a "resolution" and not a law. But at least someone is paying attention.

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Rich said...

Its a resolution for two reasons: 1 - they do not think they can get it passed by the other legislators and 2 - they do not want to piss off the cops who then may target them