Monday, July 26, 2010

I Thought Cooperation Was Supposed to Ensure Safety

I missed this story... but it is still to the point. Clerk Shot After Handing Cash to Robbers | WSPA
The clerk stated that each subject pulled a handgun out and pointed at him demanding money from the register. After the clerk gave them the money from the register, both subjects shot the clerk multiple times and left the store in an unknown direction
Police chiefs, gun-fearing weenies, Leftist politicians all love to tell us that we shouldn't take action against criminals. That cooperating with them is the best way to ensure safety.

Of course not all criminals agree, and it seems to me that more recently, more of them would rather try to eliminate witnesses.

And what exactly should a woman do who is confronted by a rapist? Or a parent confronted by someone trying to kidnap their child? Really? They should cooperate? Really?

Cooperation is a strategy. You may think it is a good strategy. I think it is poor.

The clerk is in stable condition. The two monsters are on the loose.

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BobG said...

Not only is cooperation a lousy strategy, you are rewarding the criminal for his crime. All that does is validate his decision to prey on people.