Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm Sure It Would Have Been Inconvenient

She asked for a little help. They said no. Ross Family Files Suit Against Lexington HOA
According to court documents, after Ross broke up with Nunn and filed an emergency protective order, she went to the homeowner's association telling them she feared for her life and wanted the access code changed on the front gate.

The lawsuit claims the association refused to do it.
It's a myth, anyway that those places are secure. (Every pizza delivery guy knows how to get in there.) Plus, you don't have to drive. You can walk around most of the gates. But people like to "feel safe," even when they aren't safe.

Still, it wouldn't have been too much to ask for this Home Owners' Association to get up off its collective ass and do something.

But I guess having to take any action, and notify the residents was just too exhausting to contemplate.

Still, if you think you need a court order for your protection, then you also need a plan for your personal safety. I like firearms, but you don't have to like what I do, but you do need some plan of action.


Zendo Deb said...

Can anybody explain to me why anyone would want to live under the fascist regimes know and Home Owners' Associations?

They will sue if you put a satellite dish on your house, or don't use the approved paint colors, but they won't lift a finger to help someone in trouble.

BobG said...

Personally, I wouldn't join any group that tells me how to live on my own property. We get enough shit like that from the government.

Hecate said...

Let's not forget the HOA that told a Medal of Honor veteran he had to take down his flagpole.

Little nazis are everywhere. The BTK Killer was a code enforcement officer. Doesn't surprise me a bit.