Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More of Those Special Rights Gays Want

HELEN DENNIS: LGBT elders face special retirement concerns - The Daily Breeze
Some LGBT elders are denied housing in mainstream retirement communities. In another study, one-third of gay and lesbian respondents thought they would have to hide their identity if they moved into such a community.
Told they "wouldn't be comfortable" in various homes/communities.

There is no right to housing for gays and lesbians. (Another damn special right!)

Oh, and the ability to have someone you trust take charge if you need to ...
Resources are denied. LGBT older adults often rely on friends and community members as their chosen family. This is partly because many are estranged from their biological families. The problem arises because policies, laws and institutional regulations generally recognize only legal and biological families.
Well biological families and married spouses. (Not members of civil unions.) And of course the courts have ignored things like medical power of attorney, and civil unions when gays are involved. (They know best, don't you know.)

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