Sunday, July 11, 2010

Respect My Authority! And No Video!

Cops beating people for no reason. And "ordering" law abiding citizens not to video that beating. Deputy constable accused of beating, exposing woman at school, suit says

She didn't understand what he wanted, so she assumed he wanted her license. He dragged her out of the truck. (Was she a threat in any way? Except to his ego that is?) Witnesses described him throwing her around "like a rag doll" and dragging her across the asphalt.
Jon Saucedo, a teacher, said he saw the woman on her knees and bleeding from her lip. His statement also said one of her breasts was exposed and that she was crying.

Witnesses said the woman begged Furrs to cover her up, and he responded by saying, "I don't care. I like it."
When the teacher offered to translate for the woman, Deputy Constable Richard Furrs put his hand on his gun and order Mr. Saucedo to back off.
Saucedo's statement said that Furrs and his supervisor went to the principal's office to apologize for the incident. Yet, when Saucedo asked Furrs why he thought it was appropriate to reach for his gun, Saucedo said Furrs became enraged and yelled at him.
You question their authority and you are a bad person.

Oh, the video...
a few people were trying to take video and photos of the incident, but the constable and other responding officers ordered them not to, the suit said.
I think it should be a felony for a cop to interfere with a law-abiding citizen, making a recording of said cop - especially a uniformed cop - going about his business. But then I think that everything a cop does from the time he clocks in that the beginning of his shift until he clocks out should be recorded. Audio and video.

This guy is out of control. He should be canned, but he was suspended for a few days.

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