Thursday, July 22, 2010

School That Didn't Want Lesbians At Prom Has to Pay

gay flagMaybe she can use the money to go to college. Lesbian gets $35K settlement over canceled prom That's 35,000 PLUS attorney's fees.
A rural school district that canceled its prom rather than allow a lesbian student to attend with her girlfriend has agreed to pay $35,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit the ACLU filed on her behalf.

The district also agreed to follow a non-discrimination policy as part of the settlement, though it argues such a policy was already in place.
No they didn't discriminate against anyone; they canceled prom for everyone. I mean be fair, the sight of two women dancing together would be the end of the world. Or something.
As part of the agreement, the school district also said it would follow a policy not to discriminate based on sexual orientation in any educational or extracurricular activities or allow harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Of course before they canceled the prom, they banned same-sex-couples from attending. (I guess they thought that canceling the prom would avoid a lawsuit. They only banned the prom, after it was clear they were going to get sued based on the rules they had set for the two young women to be able to attend the prom.)

The district says they never discriminated. The ACLU (who ran this lawsuit)says if that were true, they would not have banned same-sex prom-dates? (Or said that girls had to wear dresses.)

You can read more about this in my post from March.

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