Friday, July 02, 2010

Self-defense is Legal in NC

You knew it would be. Clerks cleared in fatal shootout

What happened:
According to the Monroe Police Department, the suspect approached the two clerks in the store, displayed a gun and demanded money from the register.

During the robbery, both of the clerks in the store pulled out their own weapons. Both sides fired, but only Young was hit.
Both clerks were armed. How cool is that?

The DA, John Snyder, decided there would be no charges.
After a thorough investigation by the Monroe Police Department and a complete review of the evidence gathered, I will not press charges against the two men who bravely defended their lives against a cowardly man who wore a mask to rob the Sunny Food Mart. The honest hard working families that operate small businesses must be free from the fear of being robbed. Those that choose to rob should be filled with fear that they will suffer the same fate as the deceased. In Union County we have a no return policy on armed robbery.
That is a pretty strong statement for public official to make on self-defense. (Live by the sword, and you should expect to get shot in NC.)

Self-defense is a human right, and in North Carolina, it is your legal right.

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Rich said...

Upstate NY was always more gun and self defense oriented than NYC even if you go back a whiles. The problem with upstate now tends to be those places where they have the bigger colleges and so the people that come there to work.