Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sucks to Be You

This guy got what he deserved. Maybe less than he deserved. He was sentenced to six years. Man sentenced in burglary that ended in killing

This guy participated in a burglary. The homeowner came home from a funeral and interrupted the three miscreants. The homeowner shot 2 of them, killing one.

The guy who died was this idiot's nephew. And to make things insane, the dead-guy's mother, this guy's sister didn't want him punished because she blamed the "guy with the gun." (You know, the law-abiding citizen who defended himself from attack - all captured on a 911 tape.)
Authorities said Cedric Joplin returned to his Galena Street home from a funeral Feb. 20 to find three men inside. Realizing he just interrupted a burglary, Mr. Joplin called 911.

He was on the line with emergency dispatchers when he fired several shots, striking at least two of the men. Mr. Childress ran to the intersection of Galena and Michigan before collapsing. He was pronounced dead at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.
And the sister?
Mr. Childress' mother, Jenny Childress, asked that her brother be allowed to come home and help her family grieve. She said although she recognized her son had made a bad choice that night, she blames only one person for his death: the man with the gun.

"Christopher chose to go into that house that night, not realizing he was going to die but knowing he could go to prison," she said, adding that she "desperately" needs her brother to help her heal.
I would want to beat him with a big stick.

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BobG said...

"I would want to beat him with a big stick."

And I'd like to smack her a few times with a cluebat.