Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ted Nugent Hits Mayor Daley With a (Metaphorical) Crowbar

NUGENT: To err on the side of freedom is no error - Washington Times
From the Nazi gun-banner's dream of herding 6 million defenseless Jews onto the death trains to the no-guns-or-gunpowder-allowed IRA bombings and shoot-'em-ups in Bono's Ireland to Idi Amin's unstoppable slaughter of unarmed victims in Uganda, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley still fails to grasp the self-evident truth that gun bans and preposterous buyback programs are just the stuff of gangbangers' dreams. Who doesn't get this stuff? Liberal, dopey denial cultists, that's who.
Oh, and he has a few fine things to say about Canada's gun ban and registration as well. And others

Go read the whole thing.

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